Invest Worldwide Inc is our flagship on television for Investment programmes and promotions.


Invest Worldwide Inc in collaboration with Elo-Pee Worldwide Television, a world renowned expert in television programmes, film production and entertainment, covering all aspects worldwide and broadcast globally through our channel Elo-Pee TV and organise top-level strategic events around the world.


The founder and Executive Chairman of Elo-Pee Worldwide Television, Angelo Peter Elosia, MBKS has over 30 years’ experience in active worldwide television programmes production, film and entertainment as Executive Producer/Director/Presenter.


Some of the programmes include:

  • Television documentary on the 50th anniversary of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), in Montreal Canada in 1994. Angelo Peter Elosia, MBKS interviewed His Excellency Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, the then Secretary General of United Nations (UN); 
  • Television documentary on UN World Summit 2002 in Johannesburg. Angelo Peter Elosia, MBKS interviewed His Royal Highness, Crown Prince of Orange, Deputy Sec. Gen of World Tourism Organisation, former Secretary General of OAU, now AU, Hon. Minister of Tourism of Mauritius and Hon Minister of water resources of Lesotho, among others;  
  • Grassroots Television programmes; His Excellency, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former Chairman of Commonwealth was interviewed by Angelo Peter Elosia in one of the episodes; 
  • World Water Channel with His Excellency, Dr. Nelson Mandela, the Prince of Orange and former Secretary General of OAU 0pening the Waterdome at the World Summit;             
  • World Tourist Attractions on Canada, Sweden, South Africa, television broadcast and webcast. 


And Many More...  


You could view some of our programmes by clicking links below: