INVEST IN AFRICA WORLD SUMMIT AND EXPO 2020 AND BILATERAL INVESTMENT FORUM, presents unique levels and broad range of visibility that we can offer. Sponsoring the event allows governments, companies and organisations to benefit from this visibility and maximise their participation at the event.


INVEST IN AFRICA WORLD SUMMIT AND EXPO 2020 AND BILATERAL INVESTMENT FORUM, will put your brand in front of the most influential decision makers in investments. The summit provides exposure as well as an exceptional opportunity for your government or company to promote investment opportunities.


Steps are taken to ensure that sponsorship packages and benefits on offer will create brand awareness for you to effectively market your government or company. Sponsorship opportunities will be customised to meet your government or company’s requirements and enable you to access your target audience as well as enhance your corporate image. Your government or company will be assured of exclusivity as well with potential sponsors being entitled to choose an exclusive sponsorship package while enjoying a number of general benefits prior and during the event.



Adding Value

Sponsorship of  INVEST IN AFRICA WORLD SUMMIT AND EXPO 2020 AND BILATERAL INVESTMENT FORUM is the key to getting the maximum impact from your marketing activities before, during and after the event. Whatever your budget, we have a range of unique opportunities that will help you hold the attention of delegates and visitors, raise your profile and give you an edge over your competitors. Sponsorship is designed to increase your overall profile within the event by association, drive more visitors to your stand and leave a lasting impression on delegates and visitors.


Tailor-made solutions

Detailed below are examples of some of our most popular sponsorship packages. Tailor-made packages can be created to suit your business, government or individual objectives.

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Closing Ceremony
  • VIP/Speakers lounge
  • Delegate Bags
  • Summit & Exhibition Catalogue
  • International media centre
  • Business centre/Internet lounge
  • Exhibition bags
  • Entry Area and Registration
  • Africa Centres of Excellence (ACE4)
  • Exhibition Opening Ceremony
  • Networking coffee breaks
  • Networking luncheons
  • Networking Cocktail
  • Official Welcome Reception
  • Awards Gala Dinner
  • Networking Charity Golf Tournament




To discuss tailor-made sponsorship packages specific to your government/company/individual strategy