Save the Lives Charity Golf Tournament 2015 takes place at IBB INTERNATIONAL GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB, Abuja, Nigeria on 12th Desember

25/05/2015 22:09

SAVE THE LIVES CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT 2015, being organised by GRASSROOTS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION with the support of INVEST WORLDWIDE INC LTD, is scheduled to take place at IBB INTERNATIONAL GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB, Abuja, Nigeria on 12th December 2015. This includes Tee off Ceremony and Awards Presentation Dinner.


Proceeds from the Tournament will be used for SAVE THE LIVES PROJECT, which is in response to various cases of premature deaths due to avoidable circumstances. The tournament is aimed at enjoying golf to assist in saving lives. We have identified three areas for assistance. These are: 


  1. HOSPITAL EMERGENCY / HOSPITAL PROJECT: We observed that even during near death condition, when patients are rushed to some hospitals for emergency treatment, some patients are not given immediate attention until pre-payment is made. Most patients die during this waiting period. We have come to the rescue. We are currently paying some hospital bills, starting from Abuja and eventually, cover Nigeria and the entire Africa. We are also embarking on providing hospitals for prompt and quality treatment.


  1. HUNGER AND MALNUTRITION / AGRICITIES: To avoid death from Hunger and malnutrition, we shall provide food and proper nutrition. We shall encourage new mothers to exclusively breast feed their new baby for the first six months and provide the right food to sustain the mother during this period. We shall establish AGRICITIES which shall be home to Organic farms to produce nutritious food.


  1. SAVE AFRICA PRODUCTS AND COMMODITIES CAMPAIGN: The non-patronage of African products and commodities, have forced many manufacturing companies to close down and many more in the verge of collapse. This is having negative ripple effect on African economy including untimely death of company executives, staffs and family members. We are embarking on a major campaign to save African products and commodities to save lives. Proceeds from the tournament will be used to kick start the process.


While participating in a good golf tournament, you will also be assisting in SAVING LIVES.


International and national broadcast and print media networks shall extensively give the event global and national coverage.


We look forward to your participation towards saving lives and encouraging an atmosphere to enjoy golf, while positively promoting your corporate image.