NVEST IN AFRICA WORLD SUMMIT AND EXPO 2015 takes place in Abuja Nigeria, on 17th November 2015

25/05/2015 22:15

INVEST IN AFRICA WORLD SUMMIT AND EXPO 2015 takes place in Abuja, Nigeria, on 17th November 2015  and brings together government leaders, stakeholders and major International media networks.

The summit brings into focus the African aspiration both in rural and urban areas with the opportunity of coming together to foster these aspirationsin economic and grassroots development.


Below are the aims and objectives:

  • To promote trade & investment opportunities for sustainable economic development in Africa;
  • To bring governance to the grassroots in Africa;
  • To create a forum for partnerships and joint ventures in Africa;
  • To create springboard for poverty eradication in Africa;
  • To promote strategies to avoid recession in Africa;
  • To promote export and import from Africa;
  • To promote commercialization of successful research breakthroughs from Africa;
  • To use the project as spring board for showcasing projects in Africa;
  • To ignite and rejuvenate interest in trade & investments in Africa;
  • To wipe out Xenophobia towards sustaining Trade and Investments in Africa.                                                                                                   
  • To participate, please contact: The Chief Coordinator Angelo Peter I Elosia, MBKS President, Grassroots International Foundation P.M.B 379 Garki Area 10 Abuja Nigeria E-mail: elosia@grassrootsint.org Tel: +234 (0)809 647 0111, 0809 647 0222