Corporate responsibility is part of our core business, as Invest Worldwide Inc is passionate about saving lives with deep passion to develop not only the corporate industries, but also the grassroots areas. Through Grassroots International Foundation (GIF), we assist to save lives. Our corporate responsibility is directed towards families, communities and charities in distress with the aim of impacting those in need across the world.

So many people worldwide live without hope for a better future or access to good health care and food. We stand firm to assist all identified situations worldwide. We achieve this through our foundation, Grassroots International Foundation which has initiated Save the Lives Project  for global assistance.

Save the Lives Project is the sustainable development project of Grassroots International Foundation, through which Invest Worldwide Inc assist the world. Part proceeds from all our events go towards this project.

Invest Worldwide Inc and Grassroots International Foundation provide longstanding support of orphanages, old persons homes, hospitals, the weak and the poor as part of our corporate social responsibility through Save the Lives Project.


                 To save one million (1,000,000) lives before the year 2020


 The project is geared towards saving lives worldwide and these include:

  • To Save One Million (1,000,000) lives before the year 2020;
  • To fight Poverty worldwide;
  • To fight Hunger (Nutrition Assistance for the poor) food bank and nutrition programmes for Women, Infants and Children;
  • To save the lives of Orphaned and Abandoned children worldwide;
  • Special funds for Maternal Care for the poor, including care for mother and child, after delivery. We are also promoting home visits to low-income, first-time parents by trained professionals. We also encourage exclusive breast feeding for the first six months and ensure that the mother has nutritious meals during this breast feeding period and the children have nutritious meals after the breast feeding period;
  • To save the lives of victims of Human Trafficking, which include, sex slaves and child labour;
  • To save the lives of victims of Malaria by putting in place preventive measures and combating various existing cases;
  • To save lives by identifying and combating Water Borne Diseases worldwide;
  • To save the lives of Asthma patients worldwide, especially in Africa, where harmattan is prevalent and yet scarcity of asthma equipments and medications which causes millions of untimely deaths;
  • To save lives by providing funds to assist AIDS victims and to promote preventive measures to avoid having AIDS;
  • Funds to assist Health Care for the poor. This include payment of hospital bills and medication;
  • Funds to assist Accidents, Emergencies, Amputees and War Veterans;
  • To put in place, strategic emergency plans to save lives during and after Natural and Manmade Disasters;
  • To save the lives of Old Persons, by preventing old age abuse and lack of care/homelessness (After all, they shaped our future in their early days);  
  • To save the lives of Victims of Crime worldwide;
  • Funds to help maintain ailing neighbourhoods and Homeless Prevention or re housing;
  • Job Training funds for the youths who are helpless and need them most;
  • Provide resources for the temporary assistance of Needy Families;
  • To save lives of victims of Violence Against Women;
  • To save lives by assisting Mentally and Physically Disabled Persons worldwide.